Speed and Power Skating Coaching for High-Level Hockey Players

A Different approach to skating coaching

Take your skating to the next level with real power skating.  Speed skaters have developed an understanding of the physics behind going fast through stride mechanics, and Shannon brings that knowledge combined with a deep understanding of the game of hockey. She believes that any hockey players can become a top level skater with hard work and proper technique.  You may not have been born with a beautiful, powerful stride, but you can build one.

SKating Programs

Shannon’s unique programs provide a personal approach to skating training.  Whether private or small-group, she pays attention to every detail in a skater’s stride, getting the most out of each skater and each session.  You won’t just get someone who runs drills or uses gimmicks, you’ll get someone who can identify challenges facing each skater, whether it be mechanical, metabolical or psychological.   With a variety of program options, you can truly get a personal coach as you or your aspiring/elite athlete navigates his/her hockey career.

MEet the coach

Shannon Valerio is a former elite speed skater and hockey player.  With over 30 years of athletic and coaching experience, she has worked with elite youth AAA and high school programs, NCAA D1 college athletes, Tier 1 and 2 Juniors,  and professional hockey players.  She has worked with elite hockey programs, such as the Popovic Hockey Academy.  As Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), Shannon’s philosophy is that one size does not fit every skater, and takes a holistic approach to each athlete’s development. When you work with Shannon, you get a personal coach that goes beyond your time on the ice.