Colorado Combine 2022 App

Simple app with game schedule and rosters for the 2022 Colorado Combine. This is a very basic app, with very few references, simply because I don’t have the time to make it really fancy.  I get no money for creating this, I simply wanted an easier way to view the schedule and rosters so I am offering to share it with parents and participants.  Included is the schedule for Sat/Sun, including turf testing times.  It DOES NOT include Thursday and Friday schedules.

I also will not do any troubleshooting, as this is my first time creating an app with AppSheet, and it’s been two years since I’ve worked in the tech industry.  If all else fails, close the app, and reopen.

Please note I am not responsible for accuracy of data and am not responsible for any miss games/events due to errors in schedule or rosters.  All roster/games/data is directly extracted from the the Colorado Combine PDF files, which can be found on the CAHA site at, and has not been modified.  App WILL NOT be modified throughout the combine.  Please double check schedule against any other versions you may retrieve the or other means.

By downloading and installing this app you release the creator of said app of any responsibility for damages caused by data in the app, be it technical, physical, social, economical, etc.

Please follow these steps for accessing the app.

  1. Download and install AppSheet, a Google Extension, in the App Store  on your phone or device.
  2. Navigate to this page and enter the password you were given.  Because of minor data, I am requiring a password to parents, kids and coaches only.
  3. Open up AppSheet.  Your application should automatically load.

It should be pretty user-friendly.  The search functionality is pretty robust if you are searching for particular age group ranges, or want to see what team an individual is on.  Sorry, I did not link rosters to game times as I had wanted simply because of the time commitment and data validation that would be required.

You CAN contact me about any egregious issues you may run into.

Thanks, and have a great combine weekend!