Personalized Individual Plans

Monthly or season long plans that are customized for you based on your availability and include:

  • 1-2 weekly on-ice session (small-group or private)
  • 1-2 off-ice strength and technique sessions
  • Strength (resistance) and conditioning plan periodized for the hockey season
  • Monthly video analysis
  • Monthly viewing of games (in person or virtual)
  • Unlimited communication (email/text/phone) with coach

Small Group Lessons

High level players at any age can benefit greatly from small group coaching. Small gropus are ideal for being able to give individual instruction along with specific skill designed to continually push your boundaries. Weekly/daily sessions are optimal for progressional development. Small groups allow parents to pool resources to secure ice time in a more economic model. Both on-ice and dryland sessions(for technique work) are available.

Skating Coaching, Camps and Consulting Sessions

If you run a hockey program and are interested in taking your skaters to a higher level, I can provide consulting services as an on-ice skating coach, dryland coach or to help you develop a skating program for your team. While learning techniques for speed take weeks or even months, I would be happy to assist in your hockey camp after consulting to see if it would be effective during your time frame. Most work is out of the Denver Metro Area in Colorado, but state, national and international travel is possible to work with players on location.