Training Methods

Building speed and power doesn’t have to take years. In fact, huge strides can be made in a just a few months with consistent work using methods from the short-track speed skating world.  This includes a very detailed technique and specific drills designed to extract the most power from your stride.

Every drill is done with this technique to build strength and speed using the proper positioning and edges, with a focus on physics, biomechanics and neuromuscular development.  All drills are hockey-relevant and will include shooting, passing, and carrying the puck as technique is perfected to simulate skating in a hockey environment.

Small groups allow each skater to get personalized feedback and detailed explanation on why/how we do each drill while allowing for maximum time devoted to speed and power development within the session. 

Skating is 90% of hockey, and speed is the most crucial part of skating in today’s game.  If you have the need for speed, contact us to be added to our wait list and to be kept abreast of new offerings.

“Shannon’s coaching has helped improve my skating in countless ways. Since skating with Shannon I’ve become a much more explosive skater and I’ve also learned how to properly gain speed using crossovers. Shannon has also helped me develop a much more efficient stride which leads to better stamina in games.”

 – Ryan W.