Training Methods

No gimmicks. No props.

To reach the highest level, you need to train like a pro. With a focus on perfect technique in a progressively difficult and demanding environment, you will gain the skills and discipline to reach the next level.

As both a former elite speed skater and a certified strength and conditioning specialist (C.S.C.S.), Shannon understands the best way to build power and speed. It’s not rocket science, but it is science. She will break down your stride and can find areas of improvement in even the best, most experienced players.

Every drill, every exercise, is done with perfect skating technique to build strength and speed using the proper positioning, with a focus on biomechanics and neuromuscular development.

Off-ice drylands work is done to compliment the metabolic needs of hockey skating. The focus is on building strength and power, all in skating position, with skating specific movements using the proper rest to work ratio. The best way to build more edge control and power all starts with strength.

Strength and conditioning programs developed by us also focus on specific exercises in order to build base strength and prevent injuries. Whether you chose our strength and conditioning programs, or work with a school or private strength coach, we can consult with you on critical skating and hockey specific resistance training you should be incorporating into your training.

As a former teacher of inner city, at-risk 9th and 10th graders, Shannon also understands the importance of individual coaching and personal development. You won’t find big camps where the coach never learns your name. Instead, you develop a relationship with a coach who truly cares about your development as a skater, a teammate and a person. She will push you harder than you’ve ever been pushed on the ice, but will also be your advocate off it.

Interested? Check out our program offerings or contract me for more information or to set up a consultation with you and your athlete to discuss goals and needs.